Koryo poultice-a medical legacy of the nation

Koryo poultice is widely applied in the DPRK.
The gist is the repeated stimulation on skin or mucus with Koryo medicine over a certain span of time for prevention or treatment of disease.
It is outstanding with wide range of appliance, distinct result and little adverse effect.
Koryo poultice, with rubbing on, attaching to, moistening, anointing, washing, soaking lesions etc., is flexible in application and effective for prevention and treatment of skin, nerve and external diseases.
“Tonguibogam”, one of the 3 Koryo medical classics, writes that attachment of scalded radish dried leaves soon cures abrupt lumbago and that for dummy, exhaustion and clenched teeth from a stroke of paralysis, steaming mouth, nose and legs with decocted Hwanggi(dannosam)bangphungtang did the trick on the very day: it is a clue to Koryo poultice usage as an old folk remedy.