For Application of Koryo Medical Classic

In order to put the Koryo medicine on a scientific and IT basis the Koryo Medicine General Hospital of the DPRK has restored the Koryo medical classic Uibangryuchwi (Manual of Traditional Medicine of Korea) to an electronic version, making it possible to keep the book eternally.

The researchers of the hospital revised the translation of the book by standardizing its contents with modern terms of Koryo medicine to apply its therapies to the clinical practice. And the prescriptions were put on a systematic catalogue in accordance with the classification of diseases and symptoms. On this basis the hospital is putting in efforts for development of a search and browsing system which will make it possible to read the original texts and their translations at the same time and choose certain icons such as symptoms, Koryo medicinal prescriptions, single-medicine prescriptions, folk remedies, acupuncture and moxibustion therapies, particular Koryo drugs, acupoints and diets.

The e-reading program Koryo Medical Classic “Uibangryuchwi” is nearing completion. The program will contain tens of thousands of items on original image data, translated image data and retrieval data, plus a glossary of thousands of terms.