Hub of Medical Training

Established on September 28, Juche 37 (1948) Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences is the “pedigree farm” that trains able medical scientists and technicians of the country. It is the hub of academic studies, information dissemination, data service, and online education, making a great contribution to the development of medical science and technology as well as public health service.

Its mission is to train future cadres of science and education in the public health sector. It is mainly targeted to train qualified medical scientists and technicians who will protect the people’s lives and promote their health.

The goal of the college is to put the nation’s medical education, scientific research, training system, and medical treatment and prevention on the world’s advanced level.

The university is training creative personnel who will be able to promote the development of the country’s medical science and technology by closely combining education, research and clinical practice. Meanwhile, it is developing intellectual products based on cutting-edge medical science and technology, and introducing them into treatment and prevention of diseases. All these endeavours are geared to integrating education, scientific research, treatment and prevention of diseases.