Medical sci-tech books published

Books “The Dermatology Complete”(complete in 4 volumes) and “German-Korean Medical Terms Dictionary” have been published in the DPRK, an accomplishment to the medical sci-tech development.
The book “The Dermatology Complete”(complete in 4 volumes) framed in 7 parts of 44 chapters describes the basics including the dermal genesis, anatomy of tissues, functions and the relevant knowledge of 1 500 kinds of skin diseases, causes, symptoms, diagnosis and preventive and therapeutic interventions, cosmetic surgical treatment etc.
The book “German-Korean Medical Terms Dictionary” has made the entry of over 148 300 academic German vocabulary of medicine including clinical medicine, Koryo medicine, pharmacology, hygienic, dentistry, sports medicine and of such adjacent branches as physics, chemistry, biology etc.
These are a help to development of the national medical science and techniques and promotion of people’s health.