Software for reading “Hyangyakjibsongbang”, a Koryo medical classic, developed

Software-reader to “Hyangyakjibsongbang”, a Koryo medical classic, has been developed by the Academy of Koryo Medical Science, DPRK.
“Hyangyakjibsongbang” is a precious medical legacy of Korean nation which is compiled in total 85 volumes of encyclopedic scale by comprehensive systemization of the achievements of the national traditional medicine and the experiences of folk remedies gained by early 15th century.
The Academy has first captured the original classic into the electronic facsimile to permanently preserve a national treasure and next embellished the manuscript with decipherment of the illegible Chinese characters into the unified Koryo medical terms. To retrieve data for clinical application, the interface is so designed to one-to-one correspond the pages of the translated version to those of the original manuscript that it can display the synchronized 1:1 images of the original and the translated recalling from the database of some 12 000 images.
The software can also search for the necessary categories including cases, prescription of Koryo medicines, remedies by acupuncture and moxibustion, folk remedies, individual Koryo medicines, spot for acupuncture etc. as it provides some 14 200 indices of the content of the classic as well.
This software is cared for by the users as it can be a reference and application to prevention and treatment of diseases.
The software helps research into new Koryo therapies and develop efficacious medicines and health foodstuffs as well.