Emergency measures taken for the thorough prevention of “COVID-19”

–Hygiene and Anti-epidemic System switch to the State Emergency Anti-epidemic System–

Today, the unrest and the concern for the rapid transmission of “COVID-19” is growing more and more everyday in the international society globally and many countries in the world are taking emergency measures against it.

DPR Korea has also taken strong preventive measures from the very beginning of its outbreak to see that “COVID-19”,which is seriously threatening the life and safety of the people, should never enter to the country by any means.

Following the emergency actions taken by the State, the Non-permanent Central Public Health Leading Committee has announced to switch the hygiene and anti-epidemic system into the State emergency anti-epidemic system till the risk of “COVID-19” disappears at last.

Emergency anti-epidemic commands were organized at the central, provincial, city and county levels.

Every commands are making detailed arrangements and intensively carrying out all the works; thoroughly organizing the medical check-ups at the entry points including borders, ports and airports, conducting daily check-ups and observations for all the travellers abroad and the inhabitants for the early detection, quarantine and provide treatment for the patients and the suspected cases, securing testing and diagnostic reagents and medicines, strengthening IEC activities and etc.

Under the unified leadership of the Non-permanent Central Public Health Leading Committee, Ministries and the central institutions as well as the People’s Committees of the Provinces, Cities and Counties are exerting all their efforts to fully block “COVID-19” from entering to the country.