Emergency measures for the prevention of “COVID-19”

DPR Korea has taken emergency measures for the preventive actions to the “COVID-19” which is causing great concerns in the international society recently.
Ministry of Public Health, DPR Korea is making detailed arrangement and organization to establish a strong anti-epidemic measures in the current global situation of the rapid transmission and the increase of its risk. The officials of the Ministry have been dispatched to the areas with the high sense of responsibilities that the prevention of the transmission of the disease and the protection of the health of the people is fully on their shoulders.
Furthermore, MoPH is also taking measures to immediately develop and disseminate the IEC materials to the preventive and treatment facilities to inspire all the people to participate in the work as one.
The officials of the hygiene and anti-epidemic sector are taking intensive measures to prevent the disease by further strengthening the medical inspections at the borders, ports and airports. They are also making a close medical surveillance for the travellers abroad with their full responsibility.
Household doctors all over the country are regularly visiting the homes of their inhabitants for the early detection of the feverish cases and the patients with pneumonia non-effective to the treatmentfor the confirmation. And once the suspected are found, they are preceding for the quarantine work in the close cooperation with the anti-epidemic institutions.
In the pharmaceutical sectors, they are conducting a campaign to produce many antiviral medicines including Burdock Antiviral Solution with the abundant local resources and each institution is making the arrangement for the necessary materials.
Thanks to the devoted efforts of the officials from the health sector, thorough anti-epidemic measures for fully blocking the “COVID-19”,that is rapidly spreading globally with thethreats to the health and life of the people, has been taken in the country.