Technical assistance on tap

 It is only some ten years and not so long since the word “telemedicine” was introduced to medical workers in the DPRK.
As the country just passed the grim hardships which stalked in the late 20th century, so the materialization of the concept appeared to be something of a remote future at that time.
But, today, the telemedicine service is nothing but a mediocrity.
Not only within the central reference hospitals in the capital city and to provincial hospitals but to County People’s Hospitals reaches the perfect shape of telemedicine system like a spacious neural network or twigs of blood vessels to prove its great merit.
The DPRK’s telemedicine system dedicates itself to real time exclusive medical networking service between preventive and treatment facilities like hospitals with the uniform nationwide coverage and without any confinement to an elite region or institution.
You can chat or consult face-to-face in real time on the on-line display of the system with experts of a reference hospital or unit you choose for technical advice while serving a medical deed in operation theater or holding a medical consultative meeting in County People’s Hospital and, in certain places, at Ri People’s Hospital. It means that the barrier of physical distance has ceased to exist and technical assistance is available on tap regardless of the geographic far-off. Again, a patient being treated in a local hospital is well supposed to be cared directly by experienced medical experts including PhDs without paying even a coin.
The system will be extended down to Ri People’s Hospital level and the quality of service and the utility get further improved.