Okryu Children’s Hospital as a comprehensive medical service center

Okryu Children’s Hospital in the DPRK is a comprehensive medical service center for children.

This hospital was build up under the personal sponsorship and devotional leadership of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and opened on October 13, Juche 102 (2013).

The Supreme Leader pointed up the clear ways and measures to accomplish its mission perfectly as a modern medical service center for children and gave a deep loving care for it.

He visited the hospital several times in Juche 102(2013) and settled problems difficult to solve with realization of information-based management of hospital and treatment. And the hospital was named by Supreme leader personally as “Okryu Children’s Hospital”.

During the last 6 years, tens of thousands of children received treatments successfully in the hospital and high quality of telemedicine consultation and lectures were conducted, involving health workers everywhere thousands of times.

Hundreds of valuable advanced scientific and technological achievements were created and introduced and standard information-based system of general operational room was newly demonstrated. And several methods of new cardiac surgeon were established and aortal plastics had been done successfully using self-made surgical instrument.

Children’s lives were saved by introducing advanced surgical methods of congenital vitium cordis.

Besides, medical instrument and supplies such as mobile ankle joint brace and soft brace for treatment of spinal lateroversion are created and introduced for treatment.