Medical service improves

The Ryugyong General Ophthalmic Hospital, DPRK, puts its medical service in improvement.
Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un personally visited the hospital and earnestly called for medical workers and staff to provide good medical service ever responsibly and competently.
The medical workers relied on their own technical capacity to operate hundreds of cataract case with ultrasonic phacoemulsification and suction, a worldwide appliance.
The application of some advanced operative methods brought sight to the patients who were the hopeless victims of incurable eye diseases.
The mobile field medical teams educated many working people in health and offered diagnostic and therapeutic service in different parts of the country.
The hospital set up the database of hundreds of thousands pieces of information in the e-library and elaborated the existing information system for e-case history and e-hospital management as well as the telemedicine service.
Different medical consumables including intraocular lens and tens of medicine have been produced for the needed, and tens of thousands of glass were sold to visitors.
The medical workers of the hospital who souled that the spirit of devotion is intrinsic to and the life of the socialist public health, with sincerity and dedication, treated hundreds of thousand cases and carried out thousands of advanced operation since opened.