Pediatric medical service base full of legendary love for coming generation

It is almost 6 years since the Okryu Children’s Hospital in Munsu area around the river Taedong, a scenic spot of the DPRK opened in a wonderful shape.
Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un initiated the construction, personally conferred the name of the hospital and granted solicitudes for proper fulfillment of its mission as a modern pediatric medical service base.
The hospital developed some medical instruments necessary for operation and set up the standard information system for the general operation theater which facilitates real time monitoring and advising over on-going procedures.
Doctors of the department of cardiovascular surgery, conscious of responsibility for children’s life, devised some advanced therapeutic methods of their own style for complicated treatment of congenital heart diseases and brought many children to life and delight.
The doctors of the department of extremities trauma and orthopedic surgery clinically practiced the radical operational methods and improved the quality of medical service.
The hospital trained the medical workers of all provincial pediatric hospitals and many units through the remote consultation and training workshops for better qualification and helped the patients concerned out of trouble. During the course, hundreds of topics were dealt with in the remote consultations and technical workshops, some topics being the diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart diseases, usage of IV fluid etc.
Totally, the hospital treated many children and facilitated thousand rounds of remote consultation and workshop for medical workers across the country since opened.