Being Worried about the Awkward Posture of a Scholar

President Kim Il Sung looked round King Tongmyong’s Tomb under remodeling on May 1, Juche 80 (1991).
That day a scholar of the Architectural History Institute of the Science Institute of University of Construction and Building Materials (at that time) was honored to explain about the lotus flower paint pattern-of the altar.
Listening carefully to the old scholar who explained by comparing with various historical relies of other countries, the President had a pleasant smile on his face and looked carefully at him.
After coming back from the Tomb, the President asked about the man who explained about the lotus flower paint pattern that day. He said that the doctor gave interesting explanation but he seemed to be reluctant to show full appearance before him and it seemed that he was trying to hide something.
In fact, the scholar was receiving hospital treatment because he had his right arm hurt from an unexpected accident.
That day he endured pain in the arm and tried to hide his hurt arm from being shown to the President, thinking that the President might feel worried.
But the President noticed his awkward posture.
After an official who accompanied them gave an explanation, the President said in a kind-hearted tone that “I can understand now. I thought he was not using
his arm properly. We must have Dr. Ri Hwa Son of the University of Construction and Building Materials have his arm get treated as quickly as possible if he had it hurt.”
Then he asked the officials to make a phone call to the hospital and take measures so that he can receive good treatment.
Under such warm loving care, the old scholar could have had his arm fully recovered and again devote himself to the scientific research.