Being Concerned about Cracked Hands of a Farmer

One day in May, Juche 60 (1971), Chairman Kim Jong Il visited Chongsan Co-op Farm, and gave instructions to the managing official of the farm to mechanize the rice transplantation.

Then he, looking round the farm together with the official, gave valuable teachings arising in the farming.

Before leaving the farm, the Chairman expressed great concern about the cracked hands of the managing director.

Subsequently the official was conveyed instructions given by the Chairman when leaving the farm, together with medicines.

Being given the medicines and valuable teachings by the Chairman, the official hardly repressed his tears of excitement, saying that President Kim Il Sung called for mechanizing the farming work at an earliest possible date to straighten the crooked hand knuckles of farmers in the past, and thee Chairman is showing great solicitude, being worried about the cracked hands of the farmers today.