Emergency Operations on Sunday

On Sunday, January 29, 1984 a DPRK ship which was in operation in the West Sea of Korea sent the homeland a telegraphic message notifying that a member of its crew was in the jaws of death owing to a sudden illness.

Hearing a report on the fact, Chairman Kim Jong Il immediately ordered the Korean People’s Army as follows:

Mobilize immediately a warship from the nearest naval unit, rush the patient to the base and give first aid to prolong the life. Send a plane to take him to Pyongyang and put him to treatment in the hospital concerned.

The atmospheric temperature was 20 degrees below zero, the wind was blowing at 20 metres per second and the waves were 5 metres high. Despite the unfavourable weather condition a naval vessel and a helicopter were mobilized to bring the patient to the hospital in Pyongyang.

Competent doctors from national hospitals carried out an intensive treatment, and expensive medicines were administered.

The patient who was saved in the emergency air and naval operations was an ordinary 26-year-old worker.