Being Considerate of Health of Old Scholars

Considering old scientists as the valuable assets of the country and always showing deep concern for their work and life, President Kim Il Sung gave instructions out of loving care to take good care of their lives in June, Juche 78 (1989).

That day he pointed out in severe tone that the public health field does not prize old scholars and does not look after their health in due manner. He said that old scholars are feeling inconveniences, as there are not places for making glasses for them, either.

Then he said that relevant hospitals should have relations with the managers of glasses manufacturing plants to make frames and spectacle lenses for the old scholars.

The President earnestly called for learning about the health of scholars including their teeth, eyes, and ears so that they would not feel any inconveniences in their work and life.

Thanks to his warm loving care, measures were taken in the subsequent period to have their teeth repaired and to provide glasses to suit to their sights.