Hospital Instead of Institute

On December 7, 1972 President Kim Il Sung inspected a hospital.

While looking around it he took detailed measures to solve problems arising in the medical service of the hospital, and learned about the state of healthcare in the capital city of Pyongyang from the minister of Public Health. In the course of this, the President came to know that the South Phyongan Provincial People’s Hospital was to be moved to Phyongsong, the seat of the province, and that a clinical research institute was to be established on the site.

At that time the hospital, which was located in a district of Pyongyang, was looking after not only the residents in the province but also the citizens of Pyongyang in its vicinity. However, the minister had planned to set up the medical institute on the site as he had thought that even if the hospital was moved to another place, the citizens of Pyongyang would have no particular trouble getting medical treatment for there were other large hospitals in different areas of the city that were easy of access.

Now the President said that if the hospital was moved to Phyongsong, Pyongyang Municipal People’s Hospital No. 2 should be set up on the site, and that as a large residential district was to be established in the Munsu area of east Pyongyang, another large hospital should be built there as well, and stressed that more hospitals should be built in Pyongyang to make sure the citizens had no inconvenience.

This is how Pyongyang Municipal People’s Hospital No. 2 appeared on the site of the South Phyongan Provincial People’s Hospital, and the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, a comprehensive medical service establishment for women, was built in the Munsu area.