Great Affection for Children

On February 28, Juche 39 (1950) President Kim Il Sung summoned a senior official of the Ministry of Public Health again, who was a specialist in paediatrics.
Highly appreciating the fact that the official was good at grasping the psychology of sick children, diagnosing their diseases and assessing the treatment effects, the President, with a hearty laugh, said that he communicated with sick children, diagnosed their diseases and gave out prescriptions while swinging his watch chain with an amber trinket under their noses instead of his stethoscope. He added that the paediatrician was surely a friend of children and a child psychologist rather than a physician.
In fact the official, as an experienced paediatrician, would examine sick children crying with pain while cheering them with the aforesaid watch chain. The trick was so wonderful that the children soon stopped crying.
Having witnessed such scenes many times, the President admired the official so much. Now the official awkwardly said that he found the children so lovely that he only wanted to be a close friend of them.
Supporting his words, the President said a paediatrician without affection for children had no right to apply a stethoscope to their chests and that such a paediatrician could not diagnose children’s diseases even with a stethoscope, whereas a paediatrician with warm affection for children could understand a child, who is unable to speak, even without a stethoscope.
He then added: I think affection for children is the finest and noblest of all the feelings of affection in the world because loving children, our rising generation, means loving the future, and loving the future means loving today. It is also because such affection covers not only that for families but also that for the country and the people and for the revolution. Paediatricians responsible for the health of the rising generation have a really worthwhile and honourable duty.
The official felt a lump in his throat looking up at the President who sublimated affection for children into not merely a feeling of humanity but that for the country and the people and that for the future. Having always prided himself on loving children, the paediatrician now felt a great gap between his feeling and the President’s world of great affection, and his heart was filled with the determination to emulate the unprecedented world of affection.