Visiting the hospital even on the birthday to see the indomitable fighter

The 15th April, Juche 82(1993) was a meaningful day. It was the 81st birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung. On this very day, when President Kim Il Sung should receive all the whishes from the whole nation and the people of the world for his longevity, he went to the hospital with Chairman Kim Jong Il to visit Ri In Mo, a long-term non-converted prisoner and the incarnation of faith and will.
Ri In Mo never dreamed of that he would have such a day of glory and the moment of happiness, though he was the man who had overcome all the severe tortures beyond human imagination in a cell smaller than one “phyong” (3.954 sq.yds) with the only and full trust to the President.
When Ri In Mo, who didn’t know what to do gripping by a happiness and emotion, tried to bow by raising up his crippled body, the President told him to sit still and went closer to him, bent down and gave him a warm hug.
The President was pleased to see Ri In Mo who got healthier and said that the thanks for bringing him back to life again who had been almost dying should go to the great socialist fatherland and the boundless love of the party
The President continued that it was the great pride of the Workers’ Party of Korea and Korean nation to have Ri In Mo, the incarnation of the faith and will, and gave him a great trust to go to the military parade together on the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the victory by encouraging him to recover the health at the earliest time by taking a good treatment just like he had defeated the enemy with the indomitable fighting spirit and faith.
That day, the President said that Ri In Mo was the veteran party member who joined the party just after the liberation and presented him the membership card of the Workers’ Party of Korea, with the then card number and personal signature from the President. And the President also made him wear the high-class watch carved with the name of the President.
The President took a memorial photo of love that would go down forever in the history with Ri In Mo, standing beside him who was sitting in an autotricycle blazing with the honorable “Kim Il Sung Order”, the medal of the hero of the Republic and the first class order of National Flag in the breast.
The warm love and care of the President and the Chairman became an elixir of life and gave vitality the life of Ri In Mo and the inspiration of rebirth to the fighter. Ri In Mo remarkably recovered his health and at last, was able to present himself to the venue of the commemorating function for the 40th anniversary of the victory, invited by the President.