More Important Than Production

One night in June Juche 66 (1977) Chairman Kim Jong Il called a senior official of South Hamgyong Province to his office.
He welcomed the official and said he was sorry to call him late at night and that he wanted to ask if there was any problem with the life of the workers of the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex.
The official told that some old workers had trouble with their weak teeth.
The Chairman then mentioned that though production was important, the health of the workers was more so. Saying the Workers’ Party of Korea would give assistance, he told the official to draw up and present a detailed plan to build a modern hospital for the workers of the complex. Worrying it would take a certain period of time to build the hospital and start the relevant treatment, he asked what to do with those who needed treatment of their bad teeth right away.
The official replied that after the fulfilment of the tight plan of fertilizer production he would organize intensive examination and treatment by mobilizing relevant doctors in the province.
Then the Chairman suggested taking an immediate measure as it was a problem related to the health of the workers. He took a measure to mobilize competent dentists and prosthetists from across the country and provide necessary materials and equipment so as to conduct intensive dental examinations and treatment of the workers of the complex in a short period of time.
This is how the workers of the complex got intensive dental examinations and treatment that year even when the fertilizer production was in a strained situation.