Price of Honey

On October 21, 1982, during a talk with some officials, Chairman Kim Jong Il asked an official if the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital was supplying honey to the women in childbed.
The official told him about the honey supply to the women since the inauguration of the hospital.
Very pleased to hear his words the Chairman asked if they charged the women for honey. The official replied that they did at the price set by the state, and that it was paltry.
Then the Chairman said in a stern voice that it was wrong. He continued to say the Korean women had had honey after giving birth to a child from of old, that as honey was very good for the quick recovery of their health, the Workers’ Party of Korea had been providing honey to the women in childbed at the hospital since its inauguration and that honey should be supplied to the women free of charge from then on.
Since then all sorts of honey have been supplied to the women free of charge at the hospital.