Function observed on the occasion of the “International Day of the Midwife” 2019

In the DPRK, a function was held to observe the occasion of the “International Day of the Midwife” on 14 May 2019.
The function was attended by personnel from health sector, line ministries, national authorities, mass media and international organizations to the DPRK.
That the International Confederation of Midwives(ICM) suggested the theme of the year as being “Midwife-Defenders of Women’s Right” while arranging bunch of activities for sensitizing the public on midwives, was it mentioned in the function.
Speeches were made to highlight the need for defending the women’s right by adding to the column of midwife and taking responsibility for health care of pregnant women and nursing mothers.
A presentation about the experiences gained from midwifery to child birth and quizzing for midwives followed the speeches.
An art performance by health workers of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital put an end to the function.