International Cooperation against COVID-19 Appealed

Keynote of the statement of the DPRK delegation at the 73rd World Health Assembly

The 73rd World Health Assembly took place in Geneva, Switzerland, between May 18 and 19, Juche 109 (2020) using video conferencing.

The DPRK delegation, talking on item 3 on the agenda, said that its government had warned the danger of COVID-19 at the outset of its outbreak, and completely shut down all possibilities of the virus influx into the country while taking a tough preventive measure of turning the anti-epidemic system into a scientific and pre-emptive A-class anti-epidemic system.

In keeping with the policy the public health and anti-epidemic sectors in the country had kept a close contact with the local people’s government organs at all boundaries to improve the responsibility and role of the section doctors suited to the relevant system, the delegation added. It continued to say that they had intensified hygienic information on the spread of viral infection in the world, and the relevant preventive and therapeutic measures, and conducted preventive activities on a nationwide scale.

Consequently, there has been not a single COVID-19 case confirmed yet in the country, it added. It mentioned that it is entirely thanks to the outstanding leadership and people-oriented politics of Chairman Kim Jong Un of the DPRK State Affairs Commission who firmly believes that the people’s lives and safety cannot be bartered for anything even though the country may suffer a huge economic loss. The success was also the fruit of the DPRK government’s enforcement of the people-centred public health system based on the complete and universal free medical care and the policy on preventive medicine, the delegation stressed. It gave full support to the resolution presented to the assembly on strengthening WHO-sponsored international cooperation in order to develop, examine and manufacture credible, effective and high-quality diagnostic methods, medicaments and vaccines for proper treatment of COVID-19, and to provide equal and payable medical service to people. And it appealed for strong international solidarity and mutual cooperation

It declared that bringing up unreasonable issues on the absurd pretext of identifying the origin of the virus was an obvious deviation from the main item of the assembly on enlisting mutual cooperation in coping with COVID-19, and it made it clear that it rejects any kinds of such attempts that might cause disintegration of the member states.

Lastly, the delegation emphasized that the DPRK government will not allow itself to fall careless simply because there has not been any inroads of COVID-19 into the country and that it will discharge its responsibility to help the people stay healthy and protect their lives and safety. It also expressed the decision of the DPRK government to promote close, mutual cooperation with WHO and all other member states in the struggle against the infection.