Talent Training

With Motherly Affection

The Tonghung Weekly Nursery in Central District, Pyongyang, is achieving successes in its work.

The nursery pays primary attention to the management of nutrition of children. The nurses discuss the menus once a week so that they could provide the children with various nutritional ingredients on the basis of their study of the constitution and food preference of individual children. 

They pay attention also to the management of the health of children. They take detailed measures to prevent the children from contracting indigestion, rickets and other pediatric diseases.

With a full understanding that the days at nursery are an important period for children in the formation of the characters and good habits, they do their best to educate the children well.

They assiduously learn how to play various musical instruments and practise songs and dances that suit the psychology of children, so as to make the daily life of the children full of songs and dances.  And they educate the children to respect their parents and seniors and love their friends from their childhood and pay attention to their manners. It also educates the children to cultivate high concentration and develop intelligence.   

The methods of teaching rhythms in combination with song and dance, Korean language through word games, abacus and paduk are very effective. 

The officials and nurses are trying hard to better look after and bring up the children with motherly affection.