Talent Training

Efforts to Education for Intellectual Development

Kaeson Nursery in Moranbong District, Pyongyang, has achieved successes by introducing various education methods conducive to the intellectual development of children. It first gives basic education to the children and then encourages them to experience and consolidate what they have learned while playing interesting games. And it applied various other education methods suited to the psychological characteristics of children like story-telling, observation and demonstration. It has invented three-dimensional visual aids and intelligent toys so as to improve the thinking and concentration abilities of children.

Education in rhythm combined with singing and dancing, education in mother tongue through multimedia presentations in the form of caricature and education in colour through toys help to improve the imagination and creative abilities of the children. Abacus, paduk (go), singing at sight, sound detection and Rubik’s cube also have a remarkable effect on children’s intellectual development.  

Principal Kim Un Suk said that as a result of the effort her nursery had directed to the intellectual development of the children, 3- to 4-year-olds like Jang Yong Ju, Ri Ryo Won and Choe Kwang Myong showed very rapid development in intellectual abilities.