Medical Service

Versatile Doctor

Anyone who has ever received medical treatment from Kim Yong Phil, a department chief at the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, calls her a versatile doctor. This appellation encapsulates her trait as a woman who is well-versed in obstetrics, gynecology and babies and has remained faithful to her duty for 20-odd years as a doctor at the hospital. 

As she is possessed with a high level of clinical ability and surgical skills, she has cured thousands of emergency and extremely severe cases for the past scores of years.

Recently, she has established an advanced treatment method for postpartum hemorrhage, contributing to the medical development of the country and promotion of women’s health. As a safe method which can stop postpartum hemorrhage without having to extract the womb, it produces a great effect in clinical practice. 

In January alone, she cured several women including Kim So Yon living in Phyongchon District, Pyongyang, of fatal postpartum hemorrhage.  

In addition, she has treated women with severe complications and babies with incurable diseases, bringing pleasure to their families.

Today she is working hard to promote the health of women and babies.