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Women Doctor in Pediatric Heart Diseases

The Okryu Children’s Hospital in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is well known across the country as a prestigious hospital in the treatment of pediatric heart diseases including congenital ones.

This is associated with the unassuming efforts of Doctor Han Myong Suk, doctor at the function diagnosis department.

She analyzed the ultrasound image data and hemodynamic characteristics corresponding to abnormal changes of cardiac diseases occurring babies and children of various ages, and on the basis of this, systematized the method of diagnosing pathologic changes in children’s cardiovascular system by means of images.

In addition, she developed new contrast medium and injector for cardiac ultrasonography, medical image management system and other techniques of national significance and compiled reference books for cardiac ultrasonography, thereby remarkably contributing to improving the diagnosis and recovery rate of pediatric diseases.

Recently, she has published a paper on assessing the changes before and after a surgery on tetralogy of Fallot, a pediatric compound congenital heart disease, by cardiac ultrasonography. Her paper raised the country’s pediatric cardiac surgery onto a new higher level.