Medical Service

New Koryo Therapies for Genitourinary Diseases

The urology department of the Koryo Medicine General Hospital of the Ministry of Public Health has recently developed Koryo therapies for improving the curative efficacy for genitourinary diseases. 

In general, genitourinary diseases are difficult to cure and highly recurrent. They require a lot of time and cost to treat and remarkably impair the quality of life. 

In the past different methods were tried, but they all proved ineffective.

While analyzing the shortcomings of the methods, the medical workers of the department launched research work to find the accurate locations of the points closely related with genitourinary disorders.

In the course of this, they found methods of acupoint selection different from previous ones and verified their correctness, on the basis of which they rationally set the depths and angles of needling according to symptoms.

They have tried the methods on nocturia, impotence, dysuria following surgery on anus, infertility, chronic endometritis and other types of genitourinary diseases. The results showed that the clinical recovery rates were 94% and 60% in nocturia and impotence, respectively, and self-urination rates in dysuria following surgery on anus were 100% in anal fissure surgery, 84.2% in dental fistula surgery and 72% in Haemorrhoid anal prolapse surgery.

On the basis of this success, the department is now intensifying research work.