Medical Service

Inventor and Department Chief

The Breast Tumour Institute of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital has successively invented a mastopathy treatment device and a breast cancer treatment device.

This success is inconceivable apart from the role by Ri Myong Sun, chief of the milk gland outpatient department.

Keenly realizing the importance of the development of new medical devices in improving the effect of the treatment of mammary diseases, she went at research into them and at the same time intensified cooperation with relevant units. 

In the course of this, she invented a milk gland treatment device which is based on the principle of the traditional channels-collaterals therapy. The device uses interactions of near infrared ray light and heat radiation, electric stimulus and medical ions.

It has proved highly efficacious for treating the pain, tenderness, induration of milk gland without using hormone drugs.

The micro current generator she invented is also popular among users as it significantly alleviates the repression of myelopoietic functions, which is a side effect of chemical treatment of breast cancer, and is highly efficacious for nausea, vomiting, sleep disorder, lethargy and headache.

She has also developed various other effective Koryo therapies for treating mastopathy and breast cancer.