Medical Service

By Introducing Advanced Surgical Methods for Cancer

In recent years, the section of liver and intestines tumour at the Tumour Institute of the Academy of Medical Science of the Ministry of Public Health has established advanced surgical methods.

In the past some researchers of the section were of opinion that it was impossible to perform surgery on lobus hepatis dexter without state-of-the-art equipment.

When he was appointed as the section chief, Pak Chol Ryong decided that it was necessary to change their opinion.  

He strenuously studied literature and videos on the treatment of tumour of lobus hepatis dexter and, on this basis, improved his practical ability while taking part in joint operations at hospitals good at operation for liver tumour.  

In this course, he came to acquire surgical skills of high difficulty level and prepare himself theoretically and practically for solving any technical problems arising in intensive cure.

Not content with this, he perfected surgical methods of great clinical value including pancreatoduodenectomy that shortens operation time and rational enterectomy.

He led the researchers of his section through his practical examples.

Following his example, researchers who had not been enthusiastic turned out as one to find new surgical methods.

Thanks to their active efforts, advanced methods for operating cancer on liver, pancreas, rectum and other intestines are applied in clinical practice.