Medical Service

Master at Treating Liver Cancer

Choe Won Gyom, chief of tumour section of the Clinical Research Institute of Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences, is a master at treating liver cancer by intervention technology.

Embolectomy on hepatic artery is a difficult method of injecting packing materials accurately to the target vessel among so many vessels and blocking the vessel nourishing tumour. But he succeeded in establishing this method, improving survival rate of patients with liver cancer.  

This is unthinkable apart from his strenuous effort and inquiry.

After graduating university, he made ceaseless efforts to improve his skills, reading many books on liver cancer and participating surgery in several hospitals in the country. During his internship in renowned hospitals in foreign countries, he had a deep understanding of the world trend of treating liver cancer by means of intervention, and intensified research in the way of how to introduce the technology in conformity with the actual conditions of his country.  

In the course of this he mastered skills for performing any operation, however complicated it may be, and perfected advanced operation methods.

His paper on the treatment of liver cancer accompanied by portal tumour packing was carried on an international medical magazine.

Choe’s colleagues say that he has remained invariable in his spirit of devoting himself to his mission as an engineer of human life in the past 16 years when he has worked as the section chief.