Medical Service

An Authority on Orthodontics

In August Juche 109 (2020) a man with seriously protruded jaw came to the Orthodontic Department of the Ryugyong Dental Hospital. His was a rare case in the world. The jaw was protruding so extremely that the teeth could be seen even though he closed his mouth, and the upper teeth and lower teeth did not meet. So he found it difficult to pronounce clearly and to eat and laugh. 

According Pae Jae Son, head of the department, there had been no dental literature on treating such seriously complicated symptoms. Their successful treatment would mean opening a new phase in orthodontics. 

After painstaking study, Pae made a detailed stage-by-stage treatment plan and repeated simulated treatment, developing effective treatment methods.

Through his devoted efforts, he succeeded in treating malocclusion one year and two months after he began treatment.

In December last year he studied and introduced a surgical method that can minimize the burden on patients during surgery, thus treating scores of patients suffering from lingual frenum. He also developed and introduced methods for completely removing speech impairment, dysmasesis, and cosmetic impairment commonly found among dental patients. 

Over the past ten years Pae and other doctors in his department cured over 85 000 patients suffering from malocclusion. 

Pae, a full-time lecturer of Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor and Meritorious Person of Socialist Patriotism, is also a holder of PhD.