Medical Service

For the Promotion of Health of the People

Pak Song Sim, head of department No. 1 of family doctors in the Mujin Polyclinic of Songyo District, Pyongyang, has worked for over 30 years as a doctor at the polyclinic. 

The local people highly praise her for sincere devotion to them.

She has devoted her all for the promotion of the people under her charge; once she cured after over 260 days of treatment a 10-year-old child who had been suffering from deformation, amyotrophy and paralysis of the right thigh; at another time she treated every day for two years an elderly, who had suffered from a disease for many years.

Aware that wholehearted devotion can treat patients only when it is supported by high medical skills, she steadily improved her practical abilities. Meanwhile, she took responsible care of the health of the people under her charge, treating dozens of serious cases with complications.

In April this year, when a woman named Jo, living in Mujin-dong No. 1, was suffering from acute drug poisoning, the doctor made an accurate diagnosis and cured the disease after a dozen days of treatment. When the patient was convalescing, she visited her with various nutritious foodstuffs. Jo says she can never forget devotion the doctor lavished on her. 

Still today Pak Song Sim is doing her utmost for the protection and promotion of health of the local people with warm humane feeling and high medical skills.