Medical Service

Four Decades of Selfless Devotion

Ryom Hyang Ran, a nurse at the general operating room of the Tanchon City Hospital in South Hamgyong Province, is among the exemplary healthcare workers in the ongoing movement for devoted medical service. 

As a nurse at the above operating room, she has a very tight schedule to keep–taking part in operations almost every day and being often called back to the hospital at night for emergency cases. 

She is on the wrong side of 60, having taken up this job at 19.

Across the hospital, she is recognized as both adept and experienced–making not a single slip in the 36 000-odd operations where she has participated. She did not hesitate to donate her own blood and skin to save patients in critical condition. 

Now a gray-haired woman, the nurse is still putting her heart and soul into caring for her patients.