Medical Service


Recently, the Rehabilitation Department at the Mangyongdae District Hospital in Pyongyang has rolled out effective equipment and appliances. Its old equipment emitted ultraviolet and infrared rays at a limited range of wavelengths, prolonging the treatment and lowering its efficaciousness.

Kim Chol Min, a physician at the above department, put his mind on making a general-purpose phototherapy appliance capable of adjusting the wavelengths within a broad range. To this end, he consulted experts at other units to learn the principles of wavelength adjustment. His new invention proved highly effective, especially in treating neuralgia and skin diseases. Some days after its use the symptoms of neuralgia improved remarkably, noted an old resident in Janghun-dong No.1, Mangyongdae District.

Among the physician’s inventions are a device for ultrasonic wave treatment and a pillow for cervical vertebral treatment.