Medical Service

A Master of Nephropathy Treatment

Choe Kon Il, head of the Nephropathy Department of the Kim Man Yu Hospital, has special talent for diagnosing and treating kidney diseases. 

He had been called a brilliant student during his days at university.   

After starting his career at the hospital, he steadily raised his qualifications with an aim to improve his knowledge and expertise in the specialist sphere, and conducted research into the advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment. In this course, he established the method of urine test conducive to preventing and diagnosing in the early stage the kidney disorders for children and applied it in practice. And then he presented a series of treatment methods, like that of delaying to the maximum the terminal renal failure in the nephrotic syndrome. 

By pooling wisdom of the doctors in the department, he introduced advanced methods of test and treatment, treated many patients with kidney disorders, and then compiled relevant guidelines and reference books to propagate the methods to other treatment and prevention institutions across the country. He also developed efficacious traditional medicines and medical devices.