Medical Service

Dental Care Service Improved

The Prosthetic Department No. 2 of the Ministry of Public Health General Dental Hospital is well known for the high quality of its medical service. This is unthinkable apart from the unremitting efforts and painstaking inquiry of its staff.

Paying primary attention to raising the doctor’s qualifications, the department makes it a routine to arrange technical studies every week, where they share one another’s experience and learn the trend of developing dental medical science and advanced dental treatment methods. 

The department is also developing and introducing treatment techniques of high clinical significance, thus steadily improving the scientific level of medical service. 

Yu Jong Min, head of the department, Choe Son Il and other doctors in the department have developed scores of materials and appliances for dental care by using the locally-available materials. The dental stone, dental ledge dowel and opaque resin are popular for their low manufacturing costs and effectiveness in making the patients do not feel any inconvenience or pain.  

Sci-tech successes like application of posterior palatal seal for total denture and semi-crown bridge prosthesis on severely declined teeth and metal boarded denture manufactured with plaster have been introduced in medical treatment. 

Their successes were highly appreciated at the sci-tech- exhibitions including the national exhibition of sci-tech achievements in the public health sector-2022. 

The department has unveiled scores of video presentations, including Teeth and Health, which are conducive to helping the people widen their general knowledge on dental hygiene.  

The head of the department said that medical treatment can be successful when warm love for the people and high level of medical skills are combined, expressing his determination to further improve the quality of medical service at his department.