Medical Service

Secret of the Success

The Resuscitation and Intensive Treatment Department of the Pyongyang Municipal General Hospital No. 3 is the one of the departments at the hospital, which works intensively. 

Recently a 90-year-old man, who was in a state of coma, was taken to the hospital. 

The vital signs of the patient suffering from complications reached the final limit.  

The doctors engaged in 24-7 treatment, taking turns and helping one another. At last, thanks to their sincere devotion of the doctors, the old man restored himself to health. 

Kim Hyong U, head of the department, said that he realized once again that sincere devotion, an attribute of socialist public health, could be given to full play only when high level of practical abilities is supported by the spirit of collectivism.

The department has adopted a new methodical approach to the work of raising the qualifications of its staff. It arranges the assessment of their practical abilities on a regular basis with the main focus on improving their abilities to a higher plane and treating emergency cases in a timely and skilful way.

Every doctor in the department is endeavouring to invent one or more new inventions and new treatment methods, in the course of which they unveiled many medical devices for the treatment of patients. They have now become able to resuscitate even most serious cases.