Medical Service

Chongnyu Pharmaceutical Factory

Until ten years ago, the Chongnyu Pharmaceutical Factory was inadequately furnished and had few products to show with pride. But now it has developed into a factory capable of producing efficacious medicines at will.

Primary efforts have been channelled into putting the production lines on a modern footing and developing new products. As a result, the factory has developed into a technology-intensive and labour-, land- and energy-saving one, and its production lines have reached the GMP standard.

In addition, the factory has made achievements in the medicine development. The example is Ginkgovia capsule, factory’s new product. It is highly efficacious for lowering the cholesterol content in blood and treating arteriosclerotic disease. It obtained a patent of the DPRK.

The medicines produced at the factory are efficacious for treating cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, endocrine and cancerous diseases, and eight of them won diplomas and trophies at international medicine exhibitions as well as DPRK patents.