Medical Service

A Doctor with Medicinal Hands

Ri Ae Ryong, Koryo therapist at the Mangyongdae District Hospital is called an excellent doctor with “medicinal hands.” 

She became well-known among the people for having treated many patients with obstinate diseases by using traditional methods such as acupuncture and moxibustion. In treating patients she finds the cause of disease not in a certain internal organ but in mutual relationship of several internal organs. Based on it, she applies stimulation therapy on the appropriate points, which records high recovery rate.

Her therapy range is not restricted within a certain field. Over 43 years she has treated not only patients with digestive, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and kidney diseases but also children and students with developmental disorder due to several causes. To fix appropriate points and verify their effectiveness according to each disease, she even applied moxa and acupuncture on her own body.

Through her tireless efforts she got well-versed in acupuncture therapy to cure any patients though they are different from one another in physical constitutions and symptoms of diseases. She was dubbed the “medicinal hands” or “treasure hands.” Her distinguished success was not the outcome of her high medical skill. She always receives all the visitors with a smiling face and treats them with sincere devotion, which makes all the patients feel at ease and get confident in treatment.

Moxibustion- and acupuncture-based therapies she has developed were registered on the list of national intangible cultural heritage.