Medical Service

Developer of a Technique of Preserving Spleen 

Last August Pak Song Gyong left in good health the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital. When she was admitted to the hospital, her life was hanged in the balance due to splenic rupture. 

However, she was miraculously restored to life thanks to Jang Myong Chol, deputy chief of the abdominal surgery department of the university. 

Jang initiated a research to develop a surgical method of preserving spleen eight years ago when he was an ordinary doctor.

Based on the knowledge he had gained from data on medical science and technology he repeated simulations in front of the anatomical model of the relevant internal organ and its neighbouring parts hundreds of times, often staying awake through the night.

In the course of it, he pioneered a surgical technique to wrap the spleen with the retroperitoneum, physiological tissue. He also honed his surgical skill needed to employ the surgical method. After three-year-long efforts, he established the surgical technique of pouch-forming style for preserving spleen in case of traumatic splenic rupture.

Over the past four years, he has applied this surgery to save many people from the jaws of death. In 2021 he contributed a paper dealing with the theoretical basis and practical technique of this surgery to an SCI magazine published in India. The SCI reviewers unanimously commented that it was a useful surgical method and a research finding of great clinical significance. Recently he has established a surgical approach of preserving spleen with the help of one hand by means of celioscope, which is recognized as a cutting-edge surgery.