Medical Service

A Pathfinder of Interventional Therapy on Cerebrovascular Diseases

Chon Yong Ho is a doctor in the angiography department of Neurological Hospital of Korea General Red Cross Hospital. He is one of the pioneers of interventional therapy on cerebrovascular diseases in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The scope of interventional therapy has now become wide, but it was virtually virgin territory for him when he buckled down to this work with a resolve to introduce the intervention technique in the treatment of cerebrovascular diseases. So he had to study a lot of medical literature. He carried out simulation operations assiduously, thus acquiring this technique. His painstaking efforts led him to success in curing patients with hyperacute brain infarction and other very severe cases. His therapy received a welcome from patients as it is minimally invasive and has no side effect.

Not resting on his laurels, he introduced various advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment including the new method of diagnosing cerebrovascular diseases and the leg arteriography-based diagnosing method.

As a veteran doctor with a 45-year career, he is still working hard, making a study of advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment and introducing them into treatment.