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Acupuncture Treats Spondylosis Deformans

Kim Mi Hwa, a doctor of the Rungna Polyclinic in Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, has treated many patients with Koryo medicine.

She has treated with acupuncture therapy spondylosis deformans which has been recognized as an obstinate disease, as well as other diseases including digestive diseases.

Spondylosis deformans such as congenital or acquired scoliosis and spinal curve have been considered impossible to be treated.

However she has treated over 50 patients with spondylosis deformans in several years.

She tried hard to cure the patients with spondylosis. Though she was busy taking care of the residents under her charge, she spent much time on collecting literature and even applied acupuncture on her own body to observe its effect on human body. Through her painstaking study and treatment on patients, she fixed appropriate points and methods according to the causes of spinal deformity.

Thanks to her utmost sincerity and efficient acupuncture, many patients who hesitated to go out due to serious deformity of the body recovered their original appearance.

They admire her high medical skills and call her an excellent doctor with medicinal hands. 

Her acupuncture therapy on spondylosis deformans was registered on the list of national intangible cultural heritage.