Medical Service

Medical Team Qualified in Treating Digestive Diseases

Department of the digestive internal medicine of Kim Man Yu Hospital has achieved successes by establishing advanced therapies and applying them into clinical practice.

The doctors of the department have established a therapy on hemorrhagic necrotic pancreatitis which had been regarded as an obstinate disease in the sector of digestive internal medicine.

Once it develops, hemorrhagic necrotic pancreatitis rapidly leads to a crisis resulting in shock, peritonitis and cardiac dysfunction.

In the past, the treatment of this disease relied only on surgery, so it gave a high physical burden to the patient but was not very efficient.

Chief Kim Chol Yong and other doctors set a goal to establish a new internal therapy which is efficient.

Having conceived a therapy of relieving inflammation by draining infected parapancreatic fluid through a thin drainage tube fixed in the abdomen, they conducted many experiments, finally succeeding in introducing it into clinical practice.

As it has high recovery rate and causes no complications, many patients have recovered their health after applying the therapy.

The department also cured a large number of obstinate diseases by conducting a lot of consultative meetings through telemedicine system and introduced and generalized their advanced therapies to many treatment and prevention institutions.

They also have developed a carbon arc treatment device, bioresonance treatment device and other medical devices.