Medical Service

With Sincere Devotion

One day in May a patient was rushed to the Chollima District Hospital in Nampho. The patient who was a worker at the Posan Iron Plant, was in the jaws of death with two- to three-degree burns over 45 per cent of his body.

His vital signs reached the final limit.

The doctors of the department of orthopedics repeatedly held consultations and waged intensive treatment to save the patient. It took one or two hours to dress the wounds. After each round of dressing the doctors and nurses got soaked to the skin.

The treatment of him continued day and night. In particular, Yu Chol, doctor in charge of him, did all he could for the patient—observing the patient carefully and introducing new therapies that suited to the changes that occurred in him.

The whole hospital joined efforts.

When skin grafting was done, officials, doctors and nurses including Kim Yong Chol, director of the hospital, unhesitatingly donated their skin.

Thus, skin grafts from more than 150 people were attached to the patient.

Finally after nearly 50 days of treatment, the patient recovered and left the hospital in good health.

Before leaving the hospital, he took the hands of the doctors and thanked them, saying that he, just an ordinary worker, could be revived thanks to the socialist country in which all the people have formed one large harmonious family, helping and leading one another forward.