Medical Service

For Assessing Patients’ Satisfaction Scientifically

Medical treatment and prevention institutions in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has applied program for assessing the quality of their medical services.

It is a program that can make it possible to assess and manage the quality of medical services by measuring the extent of satisfaction of patients treated by medical institutions.

The program is divided in two applications: one for hospital as a whole and the other for an individual department.

Ri Won Il, deputy director for technical affairs of the Phyongchon District Hospital in Pyongyang and the main developer of the program, said: Treatment and prevention institutions at all levels can select assessment indices according to their conditions, environments and capabilities to manage patients, and on this basis, they can establish a method of scientifically assessing the quality of their medical services; I think this would help the people to enjoy more benefits of socialist healthcare system. I’ll make redoubled efforts to perfect the program.