Medical Service

For a Blind Girl

Sometime ago, the ophthalmic department of the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital held an in-house consultation over an eight-year-old girl from Sinuiju, North Phyongan Province, who had long suffered from congenital cataract and complications. Her operation had little chance of success. 

Yom Song Im by name, the girl had never seen her parents’ faces since she was born.

The discussion was rather serious.

Ryo In Hui, director of the department, earnestly said the eyes of the girl should be cured without fail even though it was very difficult. At the consultation a doctor and a nurse were appointed to be in charge of her and technical problems were discussed in detail. Later, consultations and simulation operations were held scores of times to make the operation a success. 

Thanks to their strenuous efforts, the operation on her eyes was carried out successfully.

After the operation the department members took good care of her, often bringing her foods good for the recovery of her eyesight. The nurses stayed with the girl until late at night lest she missed her family.

After the second operation the girl gained her sight. 

The girl exclaimed in a tearful voice: Doctor, I can see your face and the face of the nurse who used to comb my hair and bring delicious foods to me; thank you very much. 

The director of the section said: It is thanks to the benevolent socialist system that you can see the bright light. 

Today the medical workers at the hospital are trying their best to perform their duty of looking after the people with sincere devotion.