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Fumigation Therapy Encouraged

Fumigation therapy is a therapy which uses smoke from burning medicinal herbs and steams produced when boiling them. This therapy is based on the reaction of the heat of medicinal steam and its absorption. When decocting medicinal materials, medicinal elements are evaporated. These elements are easily absorbed into the body through the sebaceous gland and are quicker and more accurate in effect than when the same amount of medicinal herbs are taken in the form of decoction. 

Jang Jae Phil, Merited Doctor and a section head in the South Phyongan Provincial Koryo Medicine Hospital, and other medical workers of the hospital have been doing research into the fumigation therapy for scores of years. In the course of studying historical documents on it, they have acquired a full understanding of its scientific principles and confirmed treatment methods and medicinal herbs suitable to various sorts of diseases.

The fumigation therapy was registered in the list of the national intangible cultural heritage. The therapy has been proved particularly effective for skin diseases, gynecologic, internal, otorhinolaryngological and neck external diseases, as well as aseptic necrosis, neuromyositis and paraplegia and pamplegia.

Jang Jae Phil invented devices for applying full-body and local treatment and inhalation therapy separately, thus improving the efficacy of the therapy. The fumigation therapy is recognized as a method that can provide a highly effective treatment while saving much medicinal materials. Now many treatment and prevention institutions in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are widely introducing this therapy.