Medical Service

At the Same Post for Scores of Years

Kim Myong Suk is a doctor who has worked at the liver section of the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital for more than 30 years, devoting herself to her patients. When her colleagues were worried about her health, she would say: “No matter how painstaking my effort may be, it is nothing when compared with the pains of patients. I cannot drop before I give them hope.”

When she was appointed to the section, she made up her mind to do her best to bring the pleasure of recovery to the patients with incurable diseases. She studied hard and volunteered to take charge of patients to enrich her clinical experience. She continued to study even back at home after work, carrying her baby on her back. She gradually made herself distinguished in her work. And she, not content with this, developed many efficacious medicines and effective appliances, saving many patients.

When the section recently treated a very serious patient in a coma due to a massive haemorrhage and with a complication of various diseases, she played a major role. She suggested methods, which proved a breakthrough in the treatment. When the patient’s vital signs got better, she devoted all her wisdom and energy to restore the patient to health. 

Although she is in her advanced years now, she is still working hard for her patients.