Medical Service

Success in the Treatment of Thyroid-related Eye Diseases

The thyroid gland section of Choe Kyong Thae Internal Secretion Research Institute is achieving successes in the treatment of thyroid-related eye diseases. It has been about ten years since the section made a bold foray into the study of the diseases, which were an uncharted territory of medical science the world over.  

One day in Juche 99 (2010), Jang Sun Hwa, a researcher of the section, heard from someone that he had received treatment in several countries, but he was still hard of seeing. Hearing the patient, she felt a strong urge to try to treat him. She made strenuous efforts to find the method that would suit the patient’s conditions. She applied the steroid shock therapy to the patient. Her efforts bore fruit finally and the patient recovered his sight.

Encouraged by her success, the section buckled down to the treatment of similar cases. Ju Yong Mi, section chief, and other researchers clarified the principles of medicine reaction in serious cases by gender, physical constitution, disease and age and developed self-eye-examining application for cell phone and tablet. Thanks to their efforts, many people have regained their sight.