A Meeting Which Adjourned Twice

When he gave on-site guidance in North Phyongan Province in August Juche 58 (1969), the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung summoned on the 11th the officials in Pyoktong County to Changsong County for a conference.

Among those attending the conference was a woman whom Comrade Kim Il Sung had trained to be an official since she was in her twenties.

After acquainting himself of the livelihood of the people of Pyoktong County, he said that he was very sorry that the people did not have enough meat, and indicated ways to increase meat production. 

Then suddenly he suggested an adjournment.

As it was not long after the conference started, the participants were surprised and worried at the suggestion. They thought he must be tired.

Unexpectedly, however, he, with a gentle smile, told the woman official to go quickly and look after her baby.

At a loss what to do, she said that it was before nursing time and her baby would be all right. But Comrade Kim Il Sung urged her to go.  

Later the conference was adjourned again for the above reason.